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Fresh Shops: Aula46

Aug 28, 2008

by objecked handmade and vintage goods

What can I say, I’m a sucker for electronic geekery. I’m also a sucker for Pounce, which is how I discovered today’s Fresh Shop. First of all, the moment I see resistors in a listing image, the seller becomes a contender. Perhaps it’s a weakness of mine, but I like to think of the ability to spot dorktacular oddities as a good thing. Aula46 joins Etsy this month from Alba, Italy and by doing so, brings a collection of jewelry made from active components.

Jewelry made from electronics is gaining momentum as of late and is beginning to bear a variety of styles. My guess is this trend stems from the fact that the cost of the components is relatively low, the potential for upcycling all the electronic waste that accrues in the world is high, the components come in all shapes, sizes and colors, and that most components have axial leads or some other metal part which can easily be bent into useful shapes for jewelry.   

My personal favorite of Aula46‘s available work is this rib cage necklace. While the ribcage necklace seems to be a popular trend in meta-wares, this piece deviates into a more pattern oriented little wonder.

Or this pendant—love that blue capacitor.

Or how about these off-square earrings? I love the light blue 5-Band Axial leads in the center.

The Ladder necklace. Is this a pun? I love puns. (Check out the definition of a resistor ladder.)

Here’s a little interview we did with this Fresh Shop.

Can you tell us a little about the people behind Aula46?
My name is Eva, I’m 21 years old, and I’m a full-time student in my third year at the Academy of Fine Arts of Milan, where I study sculpture. Aula46 is the name of the place where I create—my second home—and is one of the rooms in the Academy. I’m the person behind this page; I create the pieces and follow the shop’s progressions.

What inspires you as a creative person?
My intent here, and in my life, is to share with other people the fruits of my ideas, finding more and different ways of expression as I proceed. These jewelry pieces are the elaboration of other art works I have done over these years at the Academy. The idea is to create a series of small sculptures, each unique and individual, to keep near one’s self every day.

The electronic parts I use in my jewelry are called resistenze in Italian, and they are pieces used for electronic circuits in many, many objects of our everyday lives. Electric circuits create paths, and by thier nature they permit the passage of energy and contribute to the function of something bigger, different. This is one of the concepts I try to develop in my work.

Nature, with its uncontrolled beauty, is of great inspiration to me, and I always try to enhance the materials I use. What I try to do is explore the material as it is, to learn its peculiarities and characteristics and play with them.

How do you like Etsy so far? What are your favorite features of the site?
What I love most is the possibility it gives people to explore and share with others, freely and independently.
I find Etsy to be a place in which to learn new ways to live everyday life, and I love the variety of people, ideas and creations it offers.

Anything else you’d like to add is also welcome!
I must mention my good friend larimeloom. She is also a native of Alba who helps me with English and the set-up of my Etsy shop, as she has been here much longer. 

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