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Fresh Shop: Annieway

May 23, 2011

by zoranafrkic handmade and vintage goods

Every day, our community grows in unexpected and delightful ways. For our Fresh Shops series, sellers who have been on Etsy for a mere handful of months or are awaiting their first sale introduce themselves. Here’s a warm welcome to all our newbies!

To some, my day-to-day creative adventures may bear greater resemblance to a madman’s stream of consciousness, but frankly, I’m not sure I can articulate my creative process in any other way. I’m a person of very broad interests — a crochet or knit project is merely how I physically realize an idea, or rather, an avalanche of ideas.

I hold a degree in fashion design but I think it’s safe to say that I’m not very preoccupied with fashion. However, I do take a keen interest in everyone’s personal take on dressing as an expression of self. As an aspiring costume designer, I find myself captivated by my everyday surroundings, taking in every detail and immersing myself in the seemingly plain and inconsequential. A favorite activity of mine is playing the same movie for the umpteenth time, just to marvel at the screen capture of a particularly poignant moment.


What sets out as a simple head-piece in the beginning, may very well turn into a full size costume of the Loch Ness monster. The results are quite unpredictable. That’s the kind of freedom I only get when I’m doing things in my own time, which requires a great deal of discipline and perseverance. I love working on commission; I’m always excited at the prospect of having to work with a set of given parameters, it’s very much like problem solving — once you master the rules, you can break and bend them.

For a long time I didn’t have any real perspective on how my ideas and creativity fit into the real world, especially the economic aspect of it. But most recently I have found that staying the course is never too challenging if you have the motivation. When I can’t get my ideas straight, the best remedy is to just let go and things will eventually fall into place. And then there’s always music to get you out of those ruts. But if all else fails, there’s always the best solution to recharging your creative batteries — taking a nap!

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