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Fresh Shop: Sandra Catsburg

May 1, 2014

by Sandra Catsburg handmade and vintage goods

Every day, our community grows in unexpected and delightful ways. For our Fresh Shops series, sellers who have been on Etsy for a handful of months or are waiting for those first few sales introduce themselves. Here’s a warm welcome to all our newbies!

My name is Sandra Catsburg, and I am the person behind the Etsy shop of the same name. I live and work in Utrecht, a province of the Netherlands.



While I was a student at the Utrecht School for the Arts, I began making furniture for my own home. Although I was officially studying the fine arts, people noticed my furniture and started asking if I could make cupboards, chairs or tables for them. While I continued making art objects, I began to use fine art techniques for my furniture designs, like drawing on a cupboard.







I learned to build pieces by trial and error. The tools and materials I work with are relatively simple — I use hand-guided electric tools such as circular saws, sanding machines and a router. They let me shape and refine different types and thicknesses of plywood to make every shape I want. When I have leftover materials, I will think of a design to make good use of of them. One example is the Dresser With Nine Colors, which has drawer fronts made from smaller pieces of plywood that I glued together. Nothing goes to waste in my workshop.



Color is one of the first things people notice in my designs. I mix these colors myself with water-soluble paint. By working with half-transparent colors, the wood grain is still visible. I find color can be the starting point for a new design idea, but so can a shape or specific material. Sometimes I am inspired by wishes from clients, and other times I just start making and see where the process leads me. I find inspirations for new designs everywhere.



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