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Fresh Shop: Assemblage Unique

Jun 13, 2013

by AssemblageUnique handmade and vintage goods

Every day, our community grows in unexpected and delightful ways. For our Fresh Shops series, sellers who have been on Etsy for a handful of months or are waiting for those first few sales introduce themselves. Here’s a warm welcome to all our newbies!

My name is Dikla and my brand is Assemblage Unique. I live and breathe creativity, and I love to be surrounded by creative people and beautiful things. I live with my husband in Tel Aviv, Israel, in a beautiful apartment that doubles as my studio.


When I was growing up my mother worked in the fashion industry, and I remember sitting on her lap while she sewed. In retrospect, that had a huge influence on me. After traveling the world for two-and a-half years, I graduated from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. I was working in graphic design at an advertising agency, but I felt like I needed to rediscover the joy of creating. I tried screen printing on t-shirts, working with fabric and making jewelry. After a friend invited me to a lecture at an accessories school, I enrolled in a beginner’s course on handbag design and immediately felt right at home. Working with the materials, the sensual feel of the leather, thinking of the shapes — I loved it.


As a very individual person, I try to emphasize my uniqueness and distinguish myself from the general fashion trends. This is my way of life, and it became the motto of my brand: being unique every day! The idea is to make original items that will flatter and distinguish the woman who wears them, while making a fashionable statement. My designs are modern, minimalist and simple with personal and unique touches like the hand-printed fabric for my colorful clutches, or details like leather braid I make myself. I mostly design for myself; I have to love the design. If I wouldn’t wear it, I won’t make it.


I get inspired by people on the street, buildings and architecture, art, movies, music, and even from surfing the web. When I have a new idea, I see the entire piece in my imagination: the colors, materials, even the size. I draw a draft on paper as I see it in my mind, with data on color, materials, etc. I pick the color combination and the technique I want to use then, then dive into it.


For my one-of-a-kind clutches, I hand-paint the fabric — it makes me feel like Jackson Pollock! To me, the most important thing is making sure that each clutch is completely original — I try not to repeat the colors or the exact technique. Once the fabric is done, I sew the bag and attach it the wood frame. Working through the creative process, from the moment of inspiration to the final stage where you hold the bag in your hand, is completely rewarding. Sometimes it’s hard for me to give them away, especially because I only make one of each.


I see my customer much like me: a strong, daring, independent woman who knows what she wants and is not afraid to stand out. She wants to be different and unique. Influential, opinionated, strong women are a great inspiration for me. I’d love to see Diane Von Furstenberg with my bags — I think she is the ultimate print queen, and my colorful clutches would suit her perfectly.

All photos courtesy of Assemblage Unique.

Editor’s Note: Dikla is a finalist in the 2013 Independent Handbag Designer Awards!

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