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Apr 29, 2015

by Yael Falk handmade and vintage goods

My name is Yael Falk. I’m an industrial designer, metal knitter and jewelry designer living in the center of Israel with my hubby and our tweens. My shop is called Yoola.


Wire crochet came into my life thanks to a relocation to Geneva Lake, Switzerland. While I was there, I took a short silversmithing class and fell in love. After the first day, I felt at home with the craft and that we were united – the wires, the jewelry-making, and me.


The requirements for my craft are minimal: I need only crochet hooks and some wire. From there, I let my hands lead the way – anything can happen! One design leads to another, and I keep creating until I come up with something I want to keep. I have boxes full of samples waiting to one day turn into a finished item or to keep as inspiration for future designs.


My subconscious holds the keys to my inspiration; I never know exactly when or where it will strike. I try to keep my channels open and welcome whatever passes through – whether it’s a movie, a book, or a trip to the desert or sea.


Etsy allowed the Yoola in me to grow. This community’s interest in my technique led me to publish my patterns and share my world of wire crochet with other enthusiastic crafters. My to-do list never ends and my dreams go far, but most importantly, in the future I hope to continue being able to make a living doing what I love.

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Maker and process shots by Yoola, product photography by Aya Wind.



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