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Aug 7, 2013

by Ilze Dauskane handmade and vintage goods

We are Ilze Dauskane and Arta Haze, and together we are yellOkids. In our shop, you will find colorful baby and kids’ clothes that we make here in Riga, Latvia. Linda Matere is the photographer for our shop, and our branding and logo designer is Liga Alksne.


After working at a car rental business and vintage shop, we both realized we wanted to create our own business from the ground up. Since we were both full-time moms, the business had to be something we could do at home with our kids. Around that time, Linda (our photographer) had started sewing and she inspired us to give it a try. We began making stuff for our own kids, but then it dawned on us: this is the right thing to do. After dabbling on our own projects for a while, we decided we could do much better if we joined together. We’ve been working together ever since.


Our process starts with finding fabric, then imagining what to sew – we never know how an item will look until the end. Once our finished product is ready, it’s time for our kids to test how it wears. We have photo sessions once a month where the kids play, run, and have fun while Linda captures the moment.


Custom orders are an important part of our business. We love to work on them — each one is an exciting journey with our clients. They give us insights about what people from other countries want to buy.


Etsy means everything to us. It gives us the chance to get noticed internationally, and is an amazing place to meet new people, learn, and find inspiration. Our business is only 10 months young, and every day gets busier. It’s not easy to balance being full-time moms and businesswomen, but thanks to our loving husbands and kids, we can do it.

All photographs by Linda Matere.

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