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Featured Shop: Woman Shops World

Mar 7, 2014

by Carter Seibels handmade and vintage goods

My name is Carter Seibels. I curate Woman Shops World, a supplies shop offering worldly and tribal beads, textiles and personal adornments. I live with my husband Aveesh and our golden retriever Gypsy in Charlotte, North Carolina. Though Charlotte is home, we travel a lot, so we’re never in one place for too long.


Woman Shops World is basically my personal candy land of creative supplies and inspiration that I share with the world. I offer goods that I use for my own creations — things that speak to me and inspire me. Sometimes when I am on a buying trip, I’ll see something that tugs at my soul – something so magical that it makes me feel all warm and flustered inside. Those are the items that make it to the pages of my shop. Color and pattern are my greatest inspirations, and a touch of mystery always entices me. I don’t have to know what an object is or what it is used for to love it. Sometimes inherent beauty is enough to win me over.


Travel is a large part of my process. Every year, my husband and I travel to India, his native land, in addition to other destinations. In every city, I scour the streets and alleyways, looking for my next inspiration. For example, when I found the ribbons that I now sell in my shop, I didn’t even know what I was going to do with them; I just knew they needed to come home with me. We also do a lot of trade shows and antique markets across the United States, so I frequently stumble upon goods from faraway lands and times past – many of which I add to the Woman Shops World collection.


I started my shop as a way to be more hands-on with the crafting supplies that inspire me. My husband and I own a wholesale bead business, and I am also a jewelry designer. I realized that my time working with the beads themselves had really dwindled as I had taken on more office responsibilities within our company. I got the idea to start an Etsy shop so that I could spend more time with the products that I loved, and curate them and present them in a style of my own. I never dreamed that my shop would grow to be as successful as it has. Over the past year, the tables have turned and now Woman Shops World is my main job. It is so much more fulfilling than our wholesale bead company ever was for me.


Etsy allowed me to create a new way of life for myself. It’s a constant source of inspiration, motivation, happiness and excitement. Honestly, I go to sleep thinking about it, I wake up thinking about it and I frequently dream about it. Etsy has made it possible for me to do what I love, and make money doing it – frequently from the comfort of home in my yoga clothes. It’s a dream come true!

Maker photos by Aveesh, all others by by Woman Shops World.



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