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Featured Shop: Wild Things Dresses

Sep 19, 2012

by wildthingsdresses handmade and vintage goods

Hello! I’m Kirsty Hartley of Wild Things Dresses. I make fun and colorful little girls dresses here in rural Lancashire, England. I live with my partner and three little wild things who provide me with inspiration.

Wild Things Dresses evolved from the first heirloom dresses I created for my girls, Silva and Lila. Everything is designed and made here in my home studio with the help of my sewing elves, Maria and Rachel. They’re experienced sample makers and costumiers who help during busy times.

When I create, I start with a seed of an idea, which might be a color or simple imagery, and work in a very hands-on kind of way. First, I cut a pattern, and then I play with appliqué or digital print so that each dress has its own character. When the dress is sewn and ready, the photography fun starts.

Everything — from my picture dresses to my creature dresses — is made to excite and inspire little ones’ imaginations, while also being simple and practical. I’m excited about new additions that are coming soon, including funky little coats, hoodies, and Wild Things Boys. Look out for them!

I feel that the clothes I make offer an exciting alternative with soul. They are designed to live and play in; to evoke a sense of fun. The designs are simple, bold and playful, and make getting dressed a much more enjoyable task. Everything possible is sourced locally here in the UK.

It’s in my blood to work creatively, and that’s what really drives me. To create whilst being there for my family is so important to me. I hope to be able to pass this creative spirit and sense of ambition on to my wild things, too.

Working with Etsy means I can remain in control of my creative destiny, whilst managing my young family. Reaching a global audience whilst remaining true to my roots has been really important to me. Etsy provides a support network and launch platform for global creative talent. For me, the endless support from like-minded Etsy designers has been invaluable.

Owl dress photograph by Jenny Narvainen; all others by Wild Things Dresses.

A special thanks to Sarah @DollsAndDaydreams, Nina Van de goor @Ninainvorm, and Jennifer Moore of Monaluna.

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