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Featured Shop: Ukrainian Woods

Aug 24, 2015

by Ukrainian Woods handmade and vintage goods

Hey! We are Irina and Igor of Ukrainian Woods. We live in beautiful Ukraine, and we use wood from the Carpathian mountains to create beads, bangles and other supplies.


We started selling on Etsy with our vintage shop, the Mom’s Attic. It wasn’t until Igor made me a simple square bracelet out of wood that we started getting into woodworking. With time, we made a studio in our backyard, bought tools, and opened our wooden supplies shop.


Wood provides many opportunities. When we make a new piece, our process usually starts with a sketch. I tell Igor my ideas, and he brings them to life, which is a very entertaining and interesting process. Sometimes we test out new designs and woods; sometimes we fail. For example, we’ve found that pine wood is not hard enough to make a bracelet. The creative process is a road paved with mistakes and achievements.


Our inspiration comes from traditional Ukrainian woodcraft techniques, which have been used for centuries to make unique, tiny, detailed art pieces. We’re also inspired by travel and the wood itself; because of our work, we now take notice of every type of wood that we see, and we’re always focused on how best to use the wood that surrounds us.


Our Etsy shop holds a very important place in our lives: It is the child that we grow, cherish and love. During our four years on the site we’ve met many people and made great friends. In the future, we dream of traveling throughout Ukraine, with its wonders of nature, beautiful cities and castles. We’re firm believers that if you don’t know your own country, you will never appreciate the beauty of other places.

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All photographs by Ukrainian Woods.



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