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Featured Shop: Twig Creative

May 13, 2013

by Steve and Michelle Hunt handmade and vintage goods

Our names are Steve and Michelle Hunt, and we are the duo behind Twig Creative. We specialize in hip and modern wooden toys and furniture handcrafted from sustainable materials. We were both born and raised in Utah (only about 15 minutes away from each other, as a matter of fact). We still live in Utah, just south of Salt Lake City – both hanging on desperately to the twilight of our 20s.


Most of our toys are inspired by modern gadgets. Our happy, curly-haired little girl is one of the main influences for our shop and the products we make. We knew she would love playing with the newest technology, like all kids do; but we also wanted her to grow up playing with toys that encourage imagination, creativity, and helped her develop her fine motor skills.


We try to merge modern, technology-inspired design with an old and traditional medium: wood. The two seem like polar opposites, but when the combination is done well, the results are beautiful and unique. We want to create one-of-a-kind products that are beautiful and functional.


Authorship and craftsmanship are some of the foundational principles of our business. We don’t have access to large-scale manufacturing equipment, so everything we produce is done by hand and with great care.


Our collection of wooden toy cameras is something we’re very proud of. They were the first product we introduced and they have been through the most changes and tweaks. We often chuckle at our first attempt, but it gave us a starting point. From there, we’ve gone on to produce  cameras inspired by Instagram and cameras made from exotic woods from around the world.


Etsy gave us a user-friendly platform where our work could be searched for and seen by people looking for our type of products. We have loved growing along side Etsy and have appreciated the way its improvements have helped make our daily business routines better.


One of the most rewarding parts of owning a small, handmade business is the feedback from buyers and supporters. They always appreciate quality and craftsmanship.

Chair photographs by Small Fry, last photo by Photography by Lorna, all other photos by Twig Creative.

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