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Featured Shop: Triple 7 Recycled

Apr 22, 2013

by triple7recycled handmade and vintage goods

Hello! I am Jessie LeLievre, and my husband Brian and I are the proud owners and makers behind Triple 7 Recycled. We handcraft tables, cutting boards, air plant wall art, organic wood oil, and anything vintage we can find and bring alive again. We live in Palm Bay, Florida, with our two daughters and our two dogs.


We live in Florida, where the barns are few and far between, so every five months we travel out of state to tear down barns, get wood from friends, or visit specialty mills. We try to utilize all items that we find, whether they’re recycled, reclaimed, or left out for trash pick up. Then we get to work.


Have you ever looked at a super old barn or dilapidated house and thought to yourself, “If that thing could talk…”? I have. When we get our lumber, I lay it out in the shop and admire all the pieces. I like to think about how someone once put all those square head nails in the beams with their hands and a hammer – no power tools, no fancy nails, no big box store to source from – just blood, sweat, and tears. I have to incorporate the old nails, the swatch of paint that’s barely hanging on, and the measurements that someone wrote inside beam. I want our customers to have these stories with their pieces, and be able to have the previous pieces live on, too. This is the reason we make tables. That’s what drives us to create.


We literally build our pieces from the ground up – drawing plans, welding, making, and shipping out the final product. We get all our organic beeswax locally, in addition to our air plants. Sourcing from local small businesses is the way we like to get our supplies. I also buy all my stationary tags, labels, and cards from folks on Etsy.


My favorite thing we’ve ever made is our chevron table. The thought came to me when I looked at my husbands sargeant stripes on his dress blues one day. He’s a Marine (as well as a full-time fireman), and I knew when I looked at those stripes I wanted to incorporate them into a table somehow. Recently we built a large custom chevron table that is a beast – it’s 75” x 32” x 30”! The customer loved the pattern, and the larger size meant that she could fit food comfortably on the table for her guests.


Craftsmanship is number one to us. I want every single one of our customers to know that we put so much effort into their piece, and I couldn’t be happier that it’s going to be displayed in their home. The majority of our tables are custom items. If a customer sees a table they like we happily build it to fit the dimensions they need. I like to have ready to ship items in our shop, too.


We’ve come such a long way from working out of our garage. Now we have our own shop, which we were just able to get two weeks ago. I’m so happy that I can create at the shop with my husband and children. Without Etsy, I wouldn’t have that.

 All photographs by CAROLINE JULIANNA.

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