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Featured Shop: Treat Dreams

Oct 19, 2015

by Kaitlin Anderson handmade and vintage goods

My name is Kaitlin Anderson, and I bake and decorate all-natural gourmet dog treats with my mom, Kerri. We make our baked goods here in Norman, Oklahoma. Our shop is called Treat Dreams.


My mom and I have two passions: dogs and baking. Both of us have taken classes for baking and cake decorating, and we have used our talents for human clientele in the past. However, we’ve found that nothing quite beats watching an excited, drooling dog consume a peanut butter cake while its tail is going 100 miles per hour. We saw an avenue where we could merge our passions and turn them into a business, and with that, Treat Dreams was born.


My mom and I started our business two and a half years ago with the goal of making healthy dog treats that were also unique, personalized and fun. To this day, we strive toward that mission, researching all of our ingredients and purchasing them in their purest forms. Who says natural and healthy has to be boring? Every dog is unique, and we believe they deserve treats that reflect that.


I love being inspired by other people’s passion and creativity, and I aim to inspire others with my creative energy as well. Seeing other Etsy shops run by business owners who exemplify this trait is one of the reasons I love Etsy and continue to use the platform for my shop.


Looking forward, we hope to use our talents to make a difference in the canine community. Since my mom and I both have huge hearts for animal rescue, we have recently pursued T-shirt design in partnership with a local manufacturer to benefit rescue efforts. This new inspiration and focus makes me very excited about the future; I am thrilled to have an outlet for every type of creativity that I can muster.

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