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Featured Shop: Togetherness Design

Aug 4, 2014

by Esther Sandler handmade and vintage goods

Hello from Melbourne, Australia! My name is Esther Sandler and I create textile and illustration-based goods under the name Togetherness Design.


I started Togetherness Design in 2011 to explore the making of everyday products with a focus on craft techniques. Because I work full time as a textile designer, my shop is still a part-time venture, but I dream of the day that I can have more time to dedicate to designing and making for myself.


In the beginning, I specialized in cross-stitched jewelry pieces, and now my shop includes cushion covers, bags, magnets, stickers and prints of illustrations, among many other things. Having an Etsy shop has given me the freedom to go at my own pace when it comes to designing new products. I can introduce new goods organically, depending on what I feel like making or which techniques I feel like using, as well as using the feedback I receive from my customers.


I love pattern, inky motifs and offbeat color combinations, so it’s no surprise that my work is a mix of all these things. I am continually inspired by nature, my neighborhood, and the work of my favorite designers, both past and present — along with the ever-growing collection of vintage trinkets that litters my house and studio space.


I really value the community spirit of Etsy: it has been instrumental in helping me to forge friendships with other designers both locally and overseas. My store has thrived in this environment, and I’ve received a lot of encouragement from others, which makes it all worthwhile. Moving forward, I hope that Togetherness Design will become a full-time venture that will encourage me to keep exploring my own ideas and allow me to collaborate with other designers.

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All photographs by Esther Sandler.



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