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Featured Shop: Toast Ceramics

Aug 1, 2014

by Jackie Matelski handmade and vintage goods

I’m Jackie Matelski, owner and maker behind Toast Ceramics. I live in Madison, Wisconsin, where I make ceramic objects and pottery in my cozy, converted-garage studio.


After several years of going back and forth between clay and photography in college, a long bike trip and a workshop on the coast of Maine convinced me that the clay community was where I belonged. When I graduated, I helped start a community ceramics studio in Madison called Midwest Clay Project before getting the itch to start my own line.


My shop contains wheel-thrown, hand-drawn, and hand-painted ceramic objects for people, homes, and pets. Designing objects that people gravitate toward in their cupboards is my pride and joy. I pay close attention to the visual appeal of my objects, and how they feel in your hands. From the weight of a mug to the size of the handle, comfort and function are my top priority. My inspiration comes from nature, Scandinavian design, gardening, and antiques. Most of my best ah-ha! moments come during contemplative morning walks with my dog, Kayak.


I quit my day job nearly two years ago to pursue my business full time. Etsy Wholesale has definitely helped me take things to the next level: since I run the business by myself, keeping track of orders, making line sheets, and updating my shop can take a lot of time. Now that process is streamlined into one convenient platform. It’s also much easier for wholesale clients to simply head to my shop, build an order, place it, and keep tabs on its production, all in one easy-to-navigate place.


Selling wholesale is a great opportunity because it exposes my physical work to folks all over the country, and oftentimes leads people back to my shop to see what’s new. Being Featured Shop was definitely a goal (woo!), but I would love to work with West Elm someday as well.

All photographs by Toast Ceramics.

Little Bowl - Mix and match!
Little Bowl - Mix and match!
$12.00 USD


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