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Featured Shop: TMBR Wood

Jul 16, 2014

by Jameson Spooner handmade and vintage goods

Hello, we are Jameson and Jonathan Spooner, the makers behind TMBR Wood.


We love wood and finding new ways to use it. We take something raw and untouched and transform it into something extraordinary. Woodworking is in our blood – it comes from our father, who was a wood shop teacher. We’re inspired by our friends and family, and any task that may seem difficult to overcome. We try to make what seems impossible, possible.


Ever since we were young, Jonathan and I always wanted to have a business we could call our own. We talked and talked about it until we finally decided that we weren’t going to know what would happen until we tried – we just needed to find something we were good at and go for it. We chose to make wood products because it was something we knew well and were passionate about.


We put a great amount of effort into creating a process that is effective and repeatable, without being monotonous. Each and every one of our products is unique: no two are exactly alike. When we develop a new product, we spend a lot of time thinking about quality and craftsmanship. Making a high-quality product is just as important to us as being able to sell that product to our customers.


In the two years since we opened our shop, Etsy has allowed us the opportunity to share what we love with the rest of the world. It’s still astonishing to us that practically anyone in the world can buy our products – we’ve shipped to over 50 countries already! Jonathan and I have been able to build relationships with other shops all around the world, sharing ideas and gaining inspiration for new products and enhancements.


The future holds a tremendous amount of growth and expansion for us. If we think something is cool, we’ll try to incorporate it into what we do. We’re always trying to improve our current products and design new ones; our customers usually come up with some of the best ideas for new products. We love what Etsy has allowed us to do with our passion, and we hope that we can bring more customers to this community.

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All photographs by TMBR Wood.



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