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Featured Shop: The Wheatfield

Jan 30, 2013

by thewheatfield handmade and vintage goods

My name is Katie Daisy and I’m a painter currently living in Bend, Oregon with my two cats, Basil and Clementine. I create prints and cards from my original watercolor and acrylic illustrations. My shop is The Wheatfield.

I create what I create because it’s the best way I know of speaking encouragement and peace to the heart that needs it. My desire is to bring uplifting moments and experiences into other lives. I want people to be full of joy! If that happens to them because of an encounter with something that I’ve created, I find that incredibly rewarding.

Most of my process involves gathering inspiration. I grew up on a farm in Northern Illinois, so anything that brings me back to those roots is key. I have a powerful wanderlust that tends to leave me with a great many afternoons spent in the sun-dappled wild. There’s an enormous amount of liberation and self-discovery in exploring nature and all its particular intimacies.

Whenever I feel that urge coming on to create I always spend a good amount of time pouring over these joys of mine, whether in photos, a particular song, or meditation, and recalling fond memories of the many experiences I’ve been blessed to have. Next, I’ll sketch out an idea and start painting. At this point I’ll already have so much bubbling up inside me that it seems the work is finished before it even begins. It’s a very intuitive process.

I’m always responding to a desire to create what it feels people need in their lives. Everything I do comes from the heart, as a message, a small piece of encouragement offered up to the world. Each item I share possesses a power that spoke to me. I’m always trying to capture that center of hope and wonder in my work, to give it back.

I’ve always liked to think of conscious consumerism as more than just being aware of what you buy and how it affects the world around you. When you buy something, particularly a piece of art, it’s generally because it spoke to you on some level. The more time you spend around things you feel connected to, the more you learn why you feel connected to them. For me, conscious consumerism ought to impact your actual consciousness, bring you into a grander view of things, and maybe widen your eyes a little.

I love Etsy! It’s a beautiful handmade marketplace that enables me, not only to do what I love, but to share those things which have meant the world to me with anyone out there open to it. I started my shop about five years ago, and it’s been a means of sustaining myself as an artist ever since. That’s something I’m immensely grateful for.

Being able to create a business based upon doing what I love means I get to pour my heart and soul into the work, because the work is me. It’s this constant means of self discovery. I feel more connected with the world now, and it’s made me realize the effect we can have on each other as individuals. There’s this potential to the human spirit I think the majority of us ignore — the ability we have to encourage, and to bring hope and change into other people’s lives.

Maker and studio photos by Sarah McMurray, photo on roof by Pete Alport, art by The Wheatfield.

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