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Sep 24, 2014

by The Twenty Fingers handmade and vintage goods

Hi! We are Yuri and Katerina – the small family and creative team behind Twenty Fingers. We live in a Siberian city called Tyumen, located in the heart of Russia.


Yuri and I have been together for a very long time, but we didn’t start Twenty Fingers until three years ago. Before, I worked as a graphic designer and Yuri worked as an interior designer, but we always wanted to do something with our hands and create things with a soul.


Nature and fun are the main components of our work. Both Yuri and I have been surrounded by beautiful nature since childhood, and the city where we live is nestled among green fields and forests.


Twenty Fingers is a collaborative effort – it’s our creative alliance and our family business. We divide the work evenly between our two heads, four hands and twenty fingers. Yuri is engaged in making our jewelry and notebooks, and I come up with designs, draw and take photographs.


For us, Etsy is the window to the world. It’s an opportunity to show our products globally, and communicate with different people and learn new things. It is so incredibly great knowing that on the other end of the Earth, someone is writing in one of our notebooks or wearing our jewelry.

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All photographs by The Twenty Fingers.




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