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Featured Shop: The Flower Bride

Feb 24, 2014

by Kelsey Genna handmade and vintage goods

My name is Kelsey Genna, and I am a 22-year-old bridal designer based in New Zealand. My shop is called The Flower Bride.


When I first started my business, I noticed there weren’t a lot of quality beautiful pieces around the $1000 mark, so I decided to fill that niche and create a line that is accessible to all budgets. I take pride in the fact that my dresses are quite different from what’s available in the bridal market. I grew up in the New Zealand countryside, so I’ve always had a great love of flowers and nature, and as a result my designs are very bohemian and feminine, with no “puff.”


I create wedding dresses because I love working with brides. They are so happy and a dream to work with – far from the “bridezilla” stereotype they’re often given. When it comes to working with brides, I have a set collection of wedding styles I sell through Etsy; I normally start with my designs and then tweak and develop each piece to suit the bride. All of my pieces are made to measure.


I was 16 when I discovered Etsy – a young girl with so many dreams that I didn’t realize could become reality. At first, I sold flowery stretch underwear and prom dresses, but over time my label has blossomed into bridal. I love the Etsy community; I’ve met so many kind-hearted people that I now call friends.


One of the greatest things about The Flower Bride is that I’ve been able to create a business that works for me. I love being able to choose my own hours and work when I am feeling most creative, rather than pushing when it doesn’t feel right. Working from a mix of locations and traveling has been a plus, too. My job has brought so much joy to my life, and Etsy has played a big part in that journey.

All photographs by Ryan Meta.



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