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Jul 18, 2012

by TheDesignPallet handmade and vintage goods

My name is Bruce, and my shop is The Design Pallet. I live in Seattle, and work alone making furniture and small home decor items.

My creative process is focused on designing objects that are simple, useful, and close to their natural state. I don’t see the point of taking something organic and beautiful, then cutting, sanding, and staining it beyond recognition. The whole point of my work is that you can tell it came from a tree. As for the furniture designs, first and foremost I make sure that every piece of furniture is functional. So often, I see furniture where function is an afterthought. Part of my process is asking myself, “Can someone put a coffee cup on this table?” or “Will this bench be a comfortable place to put boots on in the morning?”

My process is about scaling back details and removing extraneous elements until all that is left is something pure and useful. Because I work with the natural shape and condition of locally salvaged lumber, I let the wood speak to me and tell me what it needs to become — a bit earthy sounding, I know, but there is truth there.

As for smaller goods, I realized how much quality lumber was being thrown out or put in the burn pile because it was too small to be made into furniture. It happens in most wood shops. I decided to use the material for small useful products. A few of the items I offer, like the test tube spice racks, have been inspired by requests straight from Etsy customers.

I actually used to be a corporate guy. I did that for a long time, and at the end of each day I didn’t feel connected to my work. I wanted to build things. I wanted to create things. I started an apprenticeship as a wood worker and made a small investment in my first set of tools. It’s not easy to make your way in the world as a furniture craftsman, but it’s the right life for me. My goals have shifted, and now I care more about creating something that will last for generations than I do about hitting someone else’s revenue numbers. I also care a lot about being a good guest, and as long as I’m passing through, I’d like to do as little harm to the planet as possible. I try to use locally salvaged material, reclaimed lumber, avoid landfills, and use beeswax instead of toxic finishes. What I love about building my own business is that I can decide to be a good environmental steward if I want to.

I like people to know not just where the furniture I’ve made for them was built, but also what kind of tree it was, and where it came from. In every manufacturing process, people, communities and natural resources are impacted. Being a conscious consumer starts by having a curiosity about those people, communities, and resources. The first step is to gain the knowledge, and from there you can decide what to do about it.

I got into this having a pretty good idea of how to be creative, but I quickly realized that I had a lot to learn about business. I’ve learned more about valuing my time, and, in turn, valuing the time of others. Now I don’t always look for the cheapest thing. I try to find the best thing made by the best person because that’s how I want people to find me. I’ve had to learn about finding work life balance, because even though my work is my passion, it is still work, and sometimes I need to take some time to rest and restore myself. I’ve become more humble and better at asking for help. I had to learn to admit that I’m just one person, and I don’t know everything. There was also a critical shift when I transitioned to being my own boss. I didn’t have to please anyone but myself, so I was able to make decisions about my aesthetic, process, materials, and promotions without having to compromise to please someone else. So I guess in some ways I’m more humble, and in other ways less so.  I can’t tell you how much my appreciation for small businesses and their owners has deepened.

Etsy makes it easier for me to discover other like-minded craftspeople, and it exposes my work to literally thousands of people who never would have known about me otherwise. As a one-man show, I don’t have a board of directors to provide strategic direction — I have the Etsy community. There are several shop owners who have been incredibly supportive: Vitrified StudioCamilleMontgomery, and Soap. Etsy gave me a vehicle to get my shop up and running in one weekend, and I started making sales the first week. It was a boost to my confidence, and those first early sales let me know that it was okay for me to take this risk and launch my furniture business. I can’t say enough about how glad I am to be a part of the Etsy community. It is a great compliment to my local commissioned work.

My favorite piece that I have made is actually available in my Etsy shop right now. It is a simple side table made from a very thick book-matched slab of locally salvaged elm supported on four gloss white hairpin legs. Simple. Organic. Beautiful. It embodies the Design Pallet aesthetic. And the numbers don’t lie. It has been viewed 2576 times, favorited 303 times, been on 28 treasury lists, and has been featured in almost every piece of press I have gotten to date. One college blogger even professed undying love for it and said that if she could afford it, she would love it “as if it were her own child.” Even though it hasn’t been purchased yet, it is a constant reminder that my craft touches people; that they feel something when they see it. And even if it never sells, that is just fine by me.

What I love about design and being a craftsman is the challenge to take the things that inspire me in this world, whether it be furniture, architecture, design, music, or travel and let them fuel my craft and my creativity.

We all take a little of something from the artists that have come before us, and (hopefully with good intentions) we put our own spin on things and make them our own. In my work, I try and honor the beauty of each piece of wood, add a hint of mid-century design, and make it comfortable in the modern world. This is what I strive for with The Design Pallet.

All photos by The Design Pallet.

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  • LauraBoyea

    Laura Boyea from LauraBoyea said 5 years ago

    Lovely story and beautiful shop. I love raw looks and knowing what trees made it happen. Congratulations!!

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  • PennyBirchWilliams

    Penny Birch-Williams from PennyBirchWilliams said 5 years ago

    I love your work ethic and consciousness of how Earth is a gift we share for the time we are here...and our responsibility to be wise and gentle with that gift. You make simple, functional pieces that let the natural beauty shine through and need no embellishment. Thank you for sharing your story and inspiring us. Wishing you continued success and joy in following your passion.

  • dayslonggone

    Gwynne Collins from DaysLongGone said 5 years ago

    Thanks for sharing your story! I love your work! Congrats on the FS!

  • tarikyousef

    Tarik Yousef from TYFineFurniture said 5 years ago

    As a fellow furniture maker all I can say is that your workmanship is exceptional and your design style is a refreshing pure modern look. Congrats on the feature!

  • treasurebooth

    Kelly from treasurebooth said 5 years ago

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    Doreen from decembermoondesign said 5 years ago

    Your designs are beautiful. Your outlook is inspiring. Thank you for sharing both.

  • jmayoriginals

    jean from jmayoriginals said 5 years ago

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    I viewed the little table just because I was so inspired to join in on the admiration. You do beautiful work!

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    Chistopher Morgan said 5 years ago

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    Bruce from TheDesignPallet said 5 years ago

    Thanks so much for the outpouring of kind words! Comments like these alone remind me why I do what I do. :)

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    Brie Hammer from thepeacockrm said 5 years ago

    Congratulations on the feature and your beautiful work. My late grandfather used to make me pencil and crayon holders, that were very similar to a couple of your pieces- this really moved me. I wish you continued success. You're a total doll by the way.

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    Marilyn Anne from MockingbirdCreek said 5 years ago

    Beautiful workmanship! I love your philosophy of intentional living & kindness to the planet. It was interesting to read about your journey of personal growth.... congratulations on being featured, and on finding a way to do what you love!

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    Suzanne Furtado from TheIndianPaperForest said 5 years ago

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  • HolmesandWatson

    Jenni and Jessi Obloy from HolmesandWatson said 5 years ago


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    Amber Lee from TossedTreasures said 5 years ago

    Love this! My fiance is also a woodworker and your philosophy on your craft reminds me so much of his. He is a wood restorer so he finds things that are junk and turns them new again, while you take raw material and make something useful. Love this, thank you for sharing

  • vegasblingrocks

    Judy Murphy from vegasblingrocks said 5 years ago

    WOW! Test tube spice racks .... I never would have thought of something so clever! I cant stand throwing away seemingly useful items either. I saved a bunch of used small see-though plastic bottles from my baking supplies not knowing what they could be used for. But now, a year later, they are so perfect for my tiny beads storage. Congratulations on your very interesting story. You have much ingenuity!

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