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Featured Shop: The Bocket Store

Oct 31, 2012

by theBocketStore handmade and vintage goods

My name is Sarah.  What’s a Bocket? I’m a Bocket! It’s my last name and the name of my shop, The Bocket Store. I live in Los Angeles, and I paint dots on vintage wooden bowls.

I call myself a rescue squad of one because I find unique bowls and dishes in thrift stores, clean them up, fix any scratches, and make the wood look like new again. Then I hand paint the inside with an array of colored dots using a tiny paintbrush. I paint every single dot you see, one at a time. In person you can actually feel the texture of each dot on the bowl – it’s wonderfully tactile. The bowls are protected with a gloss finish so they are tougher than they appear. You can use these bowls to organize your desk or keep your jewelry together. They also like to simply sit pretty on a table or hang on the wall. Either way, I hope they bring happiness to your life.

I think it’s sad that people get rid of beautiful things. Or maybe it’s just me who sees the potential in a dusty, sticky, wonky, leaf-shaped bowl buried under a pile of old Christmas decorations on the shelf at Goodwill? I’m not creating anything new, but I give a whole new look and life to these poor discarded wooden bowls. I love them, and I want you to see what I see in them. Sometimes I have a hard time letting them go – each one is so different and has a personality of its own, but I know they will find the right homes. They always do.

I am definitely different than most people out there. Who else spends countless hours painting tiny dots on bowls made 50 years ago? These bowls are me; you are literally buying a piece and moment of my life. And I’m happy that you are! So many people tell me about how they grew up with bowls like mine, or how the bowls make them remember their grandmother. I love that my work evokes a feeling. I want people to connect to my bowls and bring home the one that feels right.

We are surrounded by stuff all day long (I won’t tell you how many wooden bowls are currently in my apartment!), and I think it’s important to consider what kind of impact your purchases can have on the world. You can make a difference, even through a small purchase for your home or wardrobe. And these days, there are so many people creating new from old in surprising, useful, and beautiful ways. It’s amazing. It’s easy.

My life is completely different than when I started doing this as a business two and a half years ago. I travel all over the country doing fairs and shows, meeting and talking with amazing people. I’ve created the lifestyle I want to live, and I work hard to keep it all going. So many skills I learned from school, past jobs, and outside interests have found an outlet in the dots. I feel so much more free having this direct outlet to be creative. I have so many ideas for the dots in the future – more ideas than I have time. Just you wait, my friends!

To me, Etsy is a community at arms reach. I get inspired every time I look at the site, and I love discovering new artists. It’s fun to make new friends who share the same drive and passion for creativity that I do. Etsy gives us the opportunity to build and live the creative life we want, and we can watch, support, and admire each other as we do it. It’s great!

 Photographs by Jon Gorman, Helen Choi, and The Bocket Store.

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