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Featured Shop: Suzanna M. Designs

Jul 10, 2015

by Suzanna Martirosyan handmade and vintage goods

Hello! I’m Suzanna, of Suzanna M. Designs. I make wedding dresses with help from my assistant, Lia. We live and work in beautiful Greece.


I started sewing and designing when I was a little girl. My mother was an excellent dressmaker, and I remember watching her so I could learn how to make clothing for my dolls. The years passed, and I followed my parents’ dream and became a psychologist. But sewing and designing was really what I wanted to do, so eventually I started learning to sew on my own. Before I knew it, sewing went from being a creative hobby to a second job. Married with two kids, I decided it was time to properly study fashion design, so I enrolled at university again to get my diploma.


After my studies, I worked as a designer at different companies for many years. Once the Greek economic crisis hit in December 2010, I started looking for an easy way to get my creations online. A friend suggested Etsy as a place to sell my work, and from the first moment I signed up, I knew it was right for me. I’m so happy I found Etsy – it was a spark of hope that allowed me to make my dream come true.


At the age of 53, I’ve finally made my dream come true: I have my own line of wedding dresses. My inspiration comes from my childhood, and the ’50s and ’60s dresses I made for my dolls as a kid. I love nostalgia and folklore combined with modern elements. Inspiration for new designs hits all the time – I might be cooking, and all of a sudden something beautiful will come into my head and I’ll have to leave to sketch the design so that I won’t forget it.


I have many plans for the future: my 2016 wedding collection is coming soon, and I already have a successful second shop called Bridal Special Day, where I sell my collection of bridal accessories. As long as Etsy exists, I’ll keep dreaming and planning for my shops.

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All photographs by Suzanna M. Designs.



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