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Featured Shop: Such Sweet Tierney

Dec 1, 2014

by London Tierney handmade and vintage goods

Hello! My name is London Tierney and I own and operate Such Sweet Tierney with my husband, Christian. We make hand-printed paper goods and textiles for everyday living. Our studio is located in the historic Pioneer square neighborhood of downtown Seattle.


Our work is heavily inspired by geometric shapes and imperfect strokes. All our patterns begin on paper, and the design process is usually very free-form. I like to fill pages with markings and repetitive shapes without thinking about the finished composition. Once the designs have been finalized and scaled, we expose the images onto a silkscreen and manually pull each print onto fabric using hand-mixed inks. We both sew, and all our pieces are made in-house from start to finish.


I originally opened an Etsy shop to share my paper goods, but I quickly realized that I wanted to create patterns for a wider range of wares. Both Chris and I have backgrounds in business management, and I spent the last three years working for Paper Source. I was lucky to have a day job that was saturated with the idea of making, teaching, and creating something new every day. That job helped me develop stronger business skills while kicking my creativity into overdrive.


After our first craft show in 2012, Chris and I couldn’t stop thinking about how much fun we’d had. We continued to attend local craft shows and focused on perfecting our process. By the end of the year, we were getting inundated with emails and Instagram messages from people asking where they could find our stuff. When I left my full-time job in January, we still didn’t have an online presence, and it wasn’t until March that we launched our line on Etsy. I’m sure that seems backward to a lot of people; at the very least it was risky, but we’re kind of big risk takers over here.


The maker community within Etsy is truly unique. Etsy makes it possible to bridge the gap between making art and sharing it with the world, allowing our work to instantly be accessible. Working with Etsy Wholesale has been especially valuable to the growth of our business. We recently moved into a studio space in a beautiful historic building in downtown Seattle and are looking to hire our first employees very soon. We want to continue to develop our new line of home goods and will begin hosting creative classes in our space starting in January.

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All photographs by Emily Ryder.



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