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Featured Shop: Stella and Lori

Aug 22, 2014

by Stella and Lori handmade and vintage goods

Hi, we’re Vered and Zohar, and we’re sisters and partners from Tel Aviv, Israel. Stella and Lori is our brand of leather bags and apparel.


Our business is named after our grandmothers, Stella and Lori. They were both strong women who grew up in Europe and immigrated to Israel; they taught us to embrace diversity and appreciate the uniqueness and individuality of each person. Because of them, we believe that natural beauty isn’t perfect. This idea is embedded in our creation process and reflected in the styles we create and the natural materials we work with. Every wrinkle and “imperfection” adds to the item’s personality, just as it does with people.


Zohar and I started working together after years of specializing in our own fields – I am trained as an architect and Zohar has an MBA in marketing and branding. Together, we decided that we wanted to realize our common passion and embark on this venture, so we enrolled to study bag design in Tel-Aviv. After that, we started Stella and Lori.


Since we are sisters, we share a lot of life experience, which enables us explore deep ideas while simultaneously drawing from our own unique worlds. We are also influenced by the intense atmosphere we live in – the conflict here in the Middle East; the hot climate – all of these factors influence us tremendously, consciously and unconsciously.


Both Zohar and I are involved in the design and manufacturing process from beginning to end. Working together brings out the full potential of each of us; we believe that 1 + 1 is more than 2. This kind of partnership requires a strong relationship, but it leads to great creativity.


In addition to designing, we also do our own marketing and run a brick-and-mortar shop called Stella and Lori in Tel-Aviv. Etsy was our first sales channel, and we see it as our base and virtual home; the Etsy community is an amazing environment for learning, sharing and endless inspiration. Our ability to reach people all around the globe, show them our work (and give it wings) is an opportunity we appreciate and cherish.

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Maker and studio photos by Shay Afgin.




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