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Nov 23, 2012

by solittletimeco handmade and vintage goods

Hi my name is Kirsty, and my husband Josh and I make brooches, necklaces, earrings and occasionally other sweet things out of wood for our shop, So Little Time Co. We do all this from our little apartment in Melbourne, Australia.

So Little Time Co. all began when I was working as a graphic designer in a small studio and realized that clients have so much control over the output that nothing ever really turns out the way you want. I wanted to wear something that I made and could be proud of. I’d always loved handmade jewellery and wanted to try out jewellery making, so I started making things for myself. Our first market was such a success that we just had to keep the ball rolling.

Our Etsy shop was not far behind. I started selling in mid-November 2010, and loved the support and sense of community that Etsy provides. It such a great way to connect to people from all over the world. I love reading about other people’s success stories and how, thanks to Etsy, so many people are able to do what they love full time. I really hope to get there one day.

Our ideas always start out with an intense discussion, furious sketching and coloring, and elaborate testing schemes. Once we’ve solidified the concept and the method, we either laser cut with a local business, or hand sand unique shapes using recycled wood. Next, we sort, glue, piece together, and carefully paint our laser cut items to perfection, or paint and string together our sanded beads to create one-of a-kind necklaces.

The best thing I’ve ever made has to be my photo lockets. It’s such a great feeling when you come up with an idea, search the web to see if it exists, and get to be the first to make it. I love the idea of keeping a special photo close to you at all times in such a unique way.

Despite the fact that “days off” are a rarity, this business has only made positive changes in our lives. We’ve both changed the way we view creativity and design, especially me. I always felt that because I studied graphic design I had to work as a designer, but through the gradual success of what we do, I’ve discovered the freedom that comes with running your own business. I get so excited at all the possibilities, and I love being involved with a local and international creative communities – from local craft markets to Etsy. I’ve also made plenty of new friends and found a love for the handmade.

All photographs by So Little Time Co.

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