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Apr 3, 2015

by Misha and Amit Gudibanda handmade and vintage goods

Hello, my name is Misha. My husband Amit and I are the founders and owners of Sky Goodies, and we are based in Mumbai, India. We make happy, quirky paper products and DIY kits with our small team. We are also classmates, best friends, and parents.


I have a background in graphic design, and Amit is a product designer. Our story begins nine years ago when we founded a design and technology firm called Sky Design. We built the company, handpicked and trained a small team, and worked on very serious corporate and advertising projects for seven years. The business was doing well and growing dramatically, but in our hearts we yearned to do something that created real value for people – and was fun for us, too. In September of 2013, we took a much-needed break and thought about what kind of products we wanted to make. That’s when we zeroed in on DIY kits and handmade gifts. Not only do they combine our two biggest loves – paper and hand-painted art – but they also have more emotional attachment than ready-made products. They evoke feelings of joy and love!


Once we decided what kind of products we wanted to make, we experimented and listed some kits in our Etsy shop. To say that we were overwhelmed by the response would be an understatement – we were thrilled to have our work featured on Babble and Colossal, in addition to a few other sites. After that exposure, we got reviews and messages from customers all over the world, loving our work and asking for more. With that feedback, we started building Sky Goodies as a cohesive brand and put our savings into manufacturing physical DIY kits that were pre-cut and pre-creased. The idea was to make the kits easy to assemble without scissors or knives, so that anybody could experience the joys of making.


The evolution of Sky Goodies’ egg design.

Creating products for Sky Goodies is an exploratory process. An idea can be triggered by an image, a conversation or a discussion. (For example, one day someone said they wished they could have a vintage typewriter on their desk, and voila! Our typewriter calendar was born.) Our biggest inspiration is India – the country where we live – which is full of wonderful chaos, color, traditional crafts, pop art and street art. We’ve been documenting hand-painted trucks in India for the past 15 years to preserve a bit of history for ourselves, and a lot of the colors, textures and patterns you see in our work are inspired by this art form.


Misha representing Sky Goodies at an exhibition.


For us, Etsy opened up a world of possibilities. We get to learn from some of the best artists in the world, and reach our own special audience. We were recently approved to sell on Etsy Wholesale, and with that opportunity we hope to expand our line in retail stores internationally. Though life has been demanding and we haven’t had time to travel as much as we yearn to, thanks to Etsy, our creations are traveling the world. We have never been happier working and creating than we are right now.

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All photographs by Sky Goodies.


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  • skygoodies

    Sky Goodies from SkyGoodies said 4 years ago Featured

    Thank you so so much for all your beautiful messages! Its unbelievably motivating. Its been a long and often arduous journey building a business from scratch for 7 years, and then go back to scratch (a better scratch though) and build another one. We spent months wondering if we were doing the right thing. It was Amit’s decision and I’m very happy with where it’s taken us. The feeling of making people happy through our work, is priceless. And the work has been mad fun! Thank you to the brilliant Etsy team for giving all of us this platform. And to all our customers and those who wrote messages to us which made us believe that what we were doing was worth it all.


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