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Featured Shop: Seventh Tree Soaps

Jun 10, 2013

by Amy Ta handmade and vintage goods

Hello! I’m Amy Ta, the owner and creator of Seventh Tree Soaps. I create natural, handmade cold-processed soaps, balms and serums, and I also make my own packaging. I grew up and currently live in the gloriously vibrant city of Sydney, Australia.


I started making my own cold-processed soaps when I made the conscious change from commercial detergents to more natural products. I wanted to offer soaps that are great for your skin, beautiful in appearance, gorgeously fragranced and that would make unique gifts. Eventually, I decided to take the plunge and quit my day job – I wanted to follow my dreams and do what made me happy. It was a huge risk, but it has paid off and I’m so happy to be able to share my creativity with people from across the globe.


I find inspiration in the odd, colorful, fragrant and quirky things Mother Nature creates. My process starts with a scent, and quite often I find that most essential oils are best on their own. I use natural colorants such as clays, spices, dried leaves or petals to compliment the scent. I design the packaging templates, and carefully cut and hand fold them to fit the soaps perfectly. It’s important to me that the paper used for the packaging is recyclable and comes from sustainable sources. I also have an unbreakable habit of naming things, so all of my products are named after my favorite words, songs, poems, feelings and places in the world.


When I started making my soaps, I never thought of customizing them as wedding or baby shower favors, but my very first sale was a custom order. A few days after opening my Etsy shop, a lovely customer approached me about wrapping my sample soaps in pretty paper and labeling them for her baby shower. I tossed around a few ideas and took some photos to show her. She was over the moon at the results and placed an order straight away. That exchange got the ball rolling in terms of the direction of my business, and serves as a classic example of the like-minded creative people that actively participate in the Etsy community.


Etsy has opened doors that I thought were closed to small businesses like mine. I started with very little, and have been able to develop a thriving, successful business. My products can be purchased from all corners of the world! I am now living my dreams and working peacefully from my beautiful home.


For a long time I was working “safe” jobs for a steady income, but I had a creative streak in me that was just waiting to break out. I was very unhappy and had become a negative person who could not see the good in things. That time in my life wasn’t pretty. Midway through last year, I read “Just Kids” by Patti Smith. It helped me realize that you don’t need much to start somewhere, just your soul and freedom. After a couple of months, I started preparing for the shop and suddenly felt a change in attitude. I had become hopeful, grateful, and able see the good in things again. I wish the same little everyday miracles for everyone.

All photos by Seventh Tree Soaps.

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