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Featured Shop: Savage Seeds

Sep 27, 2013

by C.V. Savage handmade and vintage goods

I am C.V. Savage, creator and operator of Savage Seeds. I design and create woodland and nature-inspired toys, clothing, and decor from my home studio in the Sonoran desert.


My creative process begins with an idea or a request from my little one. After sketching, I create my pattern and then choose my fabrics. Once all the stitching and stuffing is complete, the final inspection is done by our in-house toy expert for approval. If it does not satisfy her imagination, it does not go into the shop. I design, cut, sew, photograph and package each handmade item in my studio. The process from start to finish is really enjoyable; I love the creative freedom and time with my family this job gives me.


I get a lot of creative requests for custom items from costumers. A few custom orders have evolved into shop staples. My owl costume has taken shape in many colors by custom request. It’s fun giving my customers the opportunity to recreate my design in their favorite color palette.


I put great thought into every detail – from fibers and design to packaging. I use Earth-friendly practices and sustainable materials whenever possible to ensure all Savage Seeds products have a positive impact on people’s lives, as well as on our planet.


I feel so fortunate to be part of this handmade community and for the opportunity to do what I love for a living. Things I never thought possible have come from my Etsy shop: a magazine cover, contributions and features, friendships with other artists and customers, and watching the things I create end up all over the world. I am endlessly encouraged and inspired to make and create more.


Supporting handmade and ethical business is a priority to my family. Many of my supplies (from fabrics to gift cards) are purchased here on Etsy. I feel reassured when supporting businesses that have similar ideals as mine, and I am happier when I buy something made by two hands. Being conscious of where we source our supplies ensures that our items are not only made to inspire, but also support other entrepreneurs that are earning a living ethically.

All photos by Savage Seeds.

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