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Featured Shop: Rooted in Succulents

Feb 25, 2013

by RootedInSucculents handmade and vintage goods

My name is Jessica St. Hilaire, and I’m the owner of Rooted in Succulents. I create sustainable art in the form of arrangements, topiaries, wreaths, and wall hangings using succulent plants. I live in beautiful Ocala, Florida, with my husband, Jason, and our black lab, Happy.

I owe my passion for creating and my love of being ‘”in the earth” to my dad. I was always right there with him back when he would get the tractor out to mow or when he’d head outdoors to the workshop. Those experiences grew into a love for gardening and design; any time I could get my hands on to something to create was a good day.

Discovering succulents was the best thing that has happened to me in terms of gardening and design. I’ve always had sort of a green thumb, but like many gardeners and floral lovers, I would get frustrated with picky plants that were challenging to grow and cut flowers that didn’t last. With succulents, I found the perfect plant – they’re resilient and drought tolerant. Soon I was designing wreaths, topiaries, and experimenting to see where else I could plant these lovelies.

My designs incorporate woodworking, reclaimed materials, and vintage treasures, but I always start with my main purpose in mind: showcasing the succulents. I’m constantly searching for new ways to feature the plants – trying a new spin, or taking something traditional and making it modern. I’m always looking for what’s next.

I love what I do – it allows me to express my ideas. I get to spend hours with my dad, learning, designing, and creating pieces with reclaimed wood. I put so much of my heart and soul into my work that each and every design holds tremendous meaning for me. I pride myself in customer service. I want each customer to love succulents as much as I do.

Etsy has allowed my business to reach a large customer base, which I never would have been able to do without opening a physical storefront. Through my Etsy shop, I have been featured in publications like Southern Living Magazine. Etsy has allowed me to share my designs and grow my business in ways I didn’t think were possible.

The best part of running my own business is the creative expression and confidence I have gained. I want to make a statement through my use of bold, unusual textures and color combinations. I look at shape, size, and proportions for a sense of balance in the overall look. I like to think that when customers see my designs, they immediately can tell it was created by me.

All photographs by Rooted In Succulents.

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