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Featured Shop: Rebecca Gladstone

Sep 3, 2014

by Rebecca Gladstone handmade and vintage goods

My name is Rebecca Gladstone, and I’m a jewelry designer working from my home studio in East London.


I draw inspiration for my creations from a wide range of sources, and I aim to create pieces that are an extension of the wearer, not an intrusion. My current collection features a range of minimal pieces with a strong emphasis on geometric forms, clean lines, and graphic elements.


When I’m in the studio, I very rarely use a sketchbook — I prefer to work directly with the materials. I begin by shaping, molding and playing with aluminum wire to create a variety of forms, which is a process of trial and error. Once I hit on something I’m happy with, I work directly with the chosen medium.


I taught art and design for many years before setting up my own business, and I also pursued mediums like painting, textiles and design. Jewelry design has always been fascinating to me, and now that I get to pursue it as a career it really feels like home.


Etsy has been pivotal to the success of my business; it’s such an important platform for any artist, designer or maker wanting to get their work out there in front a global audience. The wealth of resources and information here has enabled me to think about managing and sustaining my business long term.

Maker and studio photos by Rebecca Gladstone; product photography by Jenna Foxton.



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