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Featured Shop: Rachel Carl Calligraphy

Jun 18, 2014

by Rachel Carl handmade and vintage goods

Howdy from Texas! My name is Rachel Carl and I’m the owner and designer behind Rachel Carl Calligraphy. I’m a proud Texan; I live here with my husband, son and soon-to-be daughter, who’s due in October.


I started practicing and perfecting calligraphy from an early age; even back then I loved to write and explore new penmanship techniques. When I first started selling on Etsy, I did what I knew best: envelope calligraphy. In the beginning it was a part-time endeavor while I completed the school year as a music teacher, but once wedding season hit in April, I was overwhelmed with inquiries. I realized quickly that I could turn this joy for writing and making into full-time work. That summer, I decided to work on my Etsy shop full time.


Since then, my calligraphy work has evolved – I’ve learned different techniques and developed new, personalized items for my clients. I started offering custom address stamps in 2012 and had an influx of requests for other stamp designs as well. As I slowly added new items and products to my shop, my love for working with clients on custom calligraphy projects has only grown.


In 2013 I was commissioned to write on champagne flutes. I had never even conceived of this type of product before, but through a series of trial and error, I found a way to permanently hand-paint on both plastic and glass. After all the experimentation, I loved the way the champagne flutes turned out, so I decided to add them to my shop repertoire. Over time, they’ve become one of my bestselling items.


Getting to do what I love – writing, painting, drawing, and creating – for people all over the world brings me great joy. I’m grateful to have my Etsy shop, which provides the opportunity for a flexible work schedule, and I feel so blessed by my shop’s growth. It’s my most sincere hope that I can continue creating and designing for years to come, and I look forward to new ideas and new relationships in the future.

All photographs by Taylor Lord.



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