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Jan 28, 2015

by Pure Pixie handmade and vintage goods

My name is Armelle. I create eco-friendly clothing and accessories for kids and their moms, and my line is called Pure Pixie. After 12 years in the San Francisco area, my family and I just moved to a small village in western France. We live in a house built using eco-friendly materials that is (partly) powered by the sun. We’ve been dreaming about owning a house like this for a long time, and we are so excited that our dream has come true.


I learned to sew as a kid from my mom and my grandma, both of whom are professional seamstresses. We used to make clothing from scratch or alter them to fit size and taste, so once I became a mom, it was natural for me to sew clothing for my babies. When I couldn’t find a nice, truly-organic sleep sack, I decided to sew my own. My mom loved how it turned out and urged me to start a business. I was already an Etsy customer, so I decided to give it a try. It was such a surprise when I got my first order after only a few weeks – I was so thrilled! Since then, I’ve added a lot of different items to my shop, like bathrobes, dresses, bibs, placemats, newsboy caps, and facial pads.


Most of my designs are inspired by my children. First comes a drawing, then I make the pattern. My friends and I test prototypes for a few months, which allows me to improve the design and make sure it’s well-made, comfortable and durable. When I’m pleased with the result, I extend the pattern to different sizes, look for a little model and do the photo shoot.


Photographing my designs is one of my favorite parts of the process. I love to see how each child expresses themself in front of the camera. Opening the pictures later really feels like unwrapping a gift. They are always filled with such wonderful surprises!


My favorite part about Etsy is that I can work from anywhere on Mother Earth. When we moved from California to France, I put my shop in vacation mode just a couple of days before leaving the country and reopened once I settled in France; I only had to update my shop location and the shipping costs. As a mom, I love to be able to work from home and be available to my kids when they need me. My goal for the future is to create more items using European fabrics. I would also like to draw more designs for fabrics and start selling them by the yard.

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All photographs by Pure Pixie.



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