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Jul 28, 2014

by Rachel Wightman handmade and vintage goods

Hi there! My name is Rachel Wightman, and I am a jewelry designer and maker from Sydney, Australia. My shop is called not Tuesday.


The seed for not Tuesday was planted a few years before I acted on it. As an interiors magazine stylist, I was forever sourcing new products for shoots; at the time, it was impossible to find a tea towel that wasn’t tartan or a tourist souvenir. This got me thinking about being a designer and maker. Later on, after I had a baby, the time seemed right to give it a go.


I believe if you can’t find what you like, or you can’t afford it, you can make it yourself; I’ve been making my own clothes, amongst other things, since I was a teenager. More recently I started making my own necklaces, but I wasn’t completely happy with the choice of beads I could find – which of course led me to make my own.


After an unsuccessful experiment with resin, I found my preferred medium: polymer clay. One day, I decided to put my necklaces out there to see if anyone else was interested, and Etsy seemed like the obvious marketplace to give them a go. Within a week, I was contacted by a fabulous Australian gallery store who wanted to place an order.


I’m a night owl, so I spend many nights mixing colors and rolling beads. My aesthetic is bold and simple, and I love giving simple geometric shapes added texture through the imperfect nature of being made by hand. I work in my living room at home, which is the only space in the house that isn’t a bedroom or bathroom. While there are times when I would like my work mess to be hidden, for the most part, it works.


Since opening my Etsy shop three years ago, what I have come to value most is my own belief in my work. I had doubts in the beginning that my “no frills” approach might be seen as too basic, but now I appreciate that it’s my thing. I’m not trying to follow any trends, and while I’m sure my designs will evolve and venture into other mediums, I can’t imagine straying too far from the simplicity of a circle or square.

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not quite a semicircle makes a necklace
not quite a semicircle makes a necklace
$36.48 USD
not quite a semicircle makes a necklace
not quite a semicircle makes a necklace
$36.48 USD


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