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Featured Shop: not PERFECT LINEN

Jul 20, 2015

by Simona Rimkiene handmade and vintage goods

My name is Simona Rimkiene, and I’m the founder of not PERFECT LINEN. I make linen clothing and home goods with my small team in Vilnius, Lithuania.


I grew up in Lithuania, surrounded by fabric. My mother was always sewing, creating and designing; however, I initially pursued a very different path – getting a degree in law. After working as a legal consultant for five years, I found myself spending more and more time sewing with my mother. This led me to the decision to leave the corporate world to start my own textile company.


My life-changing project soon became a family business — and an eco-friendly one at that. All of our products are 100% linen — a natural, no-waste product made from the flax plant. By focusing solely on linen, we are able to create beautiful goods while causing little to no environmental harm. We are also able to create a sense of community through our goods because we use linen fabric made in small quantities by local manufacturers. At not PERFECT LINEN, we don’t make things just to make money; we make goods that involve years of learned skills, passion, commitment and sincerity.


I always get questions about the name of my business. I call it not PERFECT LINEN because the imperfect nature of the fabric was what inspired me to start working with it in the first place. The real beauty of linen is that it’s not perfect – if you keep trying to iron it, you will definitely miss the beauty in it. Linen needs to be used, and it gets better with age.


I get satisfaction from the process of running my shop, from working with our local fabric manufacturers to packing my items. One of my favorite parts is experimenting with the color and softness of my fabrics. Experiments involve leaving fabric in the rain overnight, or hanging it in the sun for a day or two to see how it fades. Following my vision until it materializes into something real is really the best part of the whole creative process.


As my team and I continue to make items in small quantities by hand with care and dedication, we look forward to expanding the global reach of our brand. If not for Etsy, we would never had an opportunity to reach customers around the world, from the Unites States and Japan to South Korea, New Zealand, and Malaysia. My biggest dream for the future is to grow our own flax; with the spare land we have on our property, it’s more than possible!

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Studio and process photographs by Justė Saulytė.



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