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Aug 8, 2014

by Nadia Izruna handmade and vintage goods

My name is Nadia Izruna, and I’m a designer, pattern cutter and seamstress. I currently work on my clothing label, Nadinoo, from a workshop in Manchester’s craft and design center.


I’ve always loved to draw and make things with my hands. As a child, I would watch my mother sew beautiful dresses for me and my sisters, and this got me thinking about one day doing the same. I followed my creative impulse through to college, where I fell in love with textiles, designing and sewing. In 2007, I graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University and got a job designing lifestyle and sportswear collections for the mass market. I truly enjoyed the fast pace and the opportunity to learn from some amazing mentors, but a part of me missed the hands-on process of creating garments. I daydreamed about having my own workshop where I could sketch, cut patterns and develop my ideas without the commercial restraints of the fashion industry.


In 2009, I decided to leave my corporate design job and take a leap of faith to set up Nadinoo. I wanted my label to capture all that I loved about clothing, with a huge emphasis on color, print and playful design. I set up my workshop in an attic studio in Germany and began to sketch, sample and sew the first Nadinoo collections. I chose to work with Liberty print cottons because they gave my pieces a wonderful vintage feel and reflected the quality and timeless look I was after.


I love vintage clothing, and I’m inspired by the idea of garments designed and stitched to last. That’s something I strive to recreate with my line. I believe every piece of clothing should be cherished and enjoyed, while also encouraging us to purchase more thoughtfully and perhaps consider the nature in which the garment has been made. At present, all of the fabrics I work with are sourced here in England from UK suppliers and the garments are handmade in my workshop. Each process is considered and executed with a great deal of care, from pre-washing the fabrics to stitching the buttons.


Having an online platform like Etsy to sell my work has been wonderful. Etsy has allowed me to build an international customer base that already appreciates handmade products. It’s also given me the freedom to relocate my business as I moved around the world. Living and working in Cape Town, South Africa was a particular highlight for me; it’s such a liberating feeling to know you can work from anywhere. My laptop and industrial sewing machines have been on some great adventures!

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All photographs by Nadinoo.



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