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Featured Shop: Misoui

Jun 19, 2015

by Ewa Elizabeth handmade and vintage goods

My name is Ewa Elizabeth. I’m the happy owner of Misoui, a line of vegetable-tanned leather goods. I live in the heart of Warsaw, Poland, on a tiny street in Old Town. I’m passionate about nature, responsible fashion, and living a conscious lifestyle.


I studied art in Poland and England. During my studies, I worked at a fashion magazine; that experience gave me a better understanding of the history of style. It also helped me find my own path between trends. Since then, I’m a firm believer that less is more. I believe simple is beautiful, and that inspires my designs.


Creating something from scratch is like being part of an amazing little miracle. When I make something new, I strive to achieve the perfect combination of smart design and natural materials. All of my pieces are inspired by a moment, emotion or situation: sunny mornings inspire me to create light products that can carry flowers, fruit or little treasures. Rainy mornings, on the other hand, are for dreaming about adventures and products that will bring an honest smile despite the clouds. After the inspiration comes reality – or the part of the process where I question the functionality of the object. A bag is the type of product that stays with you everyday, so needs to stand the test of time and be useful.


Misoui is more than fashion brand: it’s a value system and a way of living. I want to create 100% authentic products; therefore, I use only organic leather selected by touch, smell and overall quality. The leather is prepped with plant-based oils and extracts to help retain its color and elasticity, while plant-based stains collected from all over the world provide the leather’s deep, rich colors. All of my designs are made on a sewing machine and then hand-finished to celebrate the beauty of traditional goods. In an effort to minimize our ecological footprint, we repurpose all of our unused materials for our accessories. Everything within Misoui has a meaning, purpose and intention.


Working to reach my goals has taught me a lot about patience. I’ve had to learn a lot, but this knowledge has brought me satisfaction and happiness. Selling my first bag on Etsy helped me believe in my dreams and encouraged me to design more products. I think I became a better person in the process of running this business, since I could listen to my heart and share my joy of creating with my customers. Somehow people find my little shop and ask me to bring their ideas to life. It’s such a great pleasure to be able to do this.

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Maker and process photographs by Tola La.



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