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Featured Shop: Mavora Art and Design

Aug 12, 2015

by Abby Morton handmade and vintage goods

Hello there! My name is Abby Morton, and I’m the owner and designer at Mavora Art and Design. My small team specializes in printed wedding invitations and favors. We’re based just outside of Portland in Beaverton, Oregon.


I’ve always had a creative heart, but the creativity God gave me hasn’t ever flowed well through my fingers. Growing up, I made a lot of paintings, but I didn’t really find my voice until I took up photography during graduate school. My adventures – and my camera – allowed me to express myself a lot better than my clumsy hands could; when I paired that with graphic design and so many beautiful fonts, I was finally home.


I opened my Etsy shop as a side job in 2007, after teaching myself Photoshop and printing cards with an infant in tow. In 2009, my husband lost his job and went back to school, so I pushed my passions a little further. I saw a need for natural wedding invitations and banner design on Etsy, so I jumped in. Etsy provided the tools – and the customers – I needed to put food on the table for the last six years. I failed a lot and changed my business direction a number of times, but as my family needed more income, more customers came. Along the way, I also found good friends and a satisfying use for my talents in the wedding industry.


Mavora has gotten busier in the last two years, and in that time I’ve relied heavily on my assistant Kateri to process and ship orders. The challenge of owning a business is that I’m always trying to balance taking care of my clients and creating my next great design. I want my shop to be current and on-trend every year, and I also want my products to be practical. My clients inspire me a lot: when they come to me with a stylish vision and special needs, I love being able to create beautiful solutions for them.


Most of my ideas come to me when I’m running. As a long-distance runner, I go out for a run in the forest almost every day. Once my mind has a chance to wander, designs come to me more clearly; when I get back inside, I sit on the giant chair in my living room with my laptop (and sometimes my five year old), and throw all my ideas on the screen. The most satisfying moment is seeing a final product that resonates with my soul after I’ve created, printed, and styled it.


My husband just completed his doctorate, and now that he has a job, my goals have room to change. I plan to make this year Mavora’s biggest yet; after that, I might slow down and focus on the design side of things. I know there are a lot of artistic brides out there who want printables, and if I didn’t have to print everything out I could go running a lot more. I’d like that.

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Maker and process photographs by Amanda Garvin, product photography by Mavora.



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