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Featured Shop: Maple Propeller

Mar 27, 2015

by Gediminas Jasinskas handmade and vintage goods

Hello! My name is Gediminas Jasinskas. My wife Milda and I run Maple Propeller, where we design men’s apparel and accessories. We live in Kaunas, Lithuania.


The main idea behind Maple Propeller is that small things can inspire great endeavors. We believe that well-made, stylish clothing and accessories can inspire people to change the world — or at least feel good about themselves and live more interesting lives. Our shop is named for the propeller on the Wright brothers’ plane, which was said to be based on the physical properties of a maple seed.


Maple Propeller started in December 2013 after I realized how hard it was to find smart, casual, stylish menswear made from quality fabrics. Both Milda and I were born into families of self-taught professional tailors, so when I couldn’t find any trousers that I liked, we decided to design some ourselves. Milda’s father is an engineer of sewing and knitting machines, and he also started a sewing manufacturing company with his wife 25 years ago. When he found out what we were up to, he was eager to offer his help.


Milda and I admire style and design, and we share a similar sense of beauty. Our inspiration comes from observing the world around us — colors, nature, people and art. Inspiration really starts to take shape when we visit our fabric suppliers. The most important question we ask ourselves when choosing a fabric is, “Would I want to wear that?”


It’s been almost two years since we started Maple Propeller, and we can honestly say that Etsy has been a major factor in developing our business. Etsy connected us with wonderful customers around the world who appreciate our work and encourage us to continue. Just a few weeks ago, we embarked on a new phase for our business by moving out of our home-based office and into a cozy studio that will allow our local customers to visit us. We are looking forward to working there and developing wholesale relationships with boutiques overseas. In other exciting news, Milda is currently working on her own collection of dresses, which will be available soon on Etsy.

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Maker and studio photographs by Migle Golubickaite; Vertical product photo by Gediminas Latvis.



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