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Dec 18, 2015

by MAGSZILLA handmade and vintage goods

My name is Margaret. My husband and I design and handcraft quality wooden goods for our brand, MAGSZILLA. We live in Pasadena, California with our two kitties.


I’ve been a graphic designer for over 15 years. I got my start in print and packaging design, which I loved because it allowed me to do hands-on mock-ups and, eventually, hold the final artwork in my hands. Once everything started migrating to the web, those job opportunities started declining, so I became a full-time web designer. However, my passion remained in designing tangible products; afterhours, I would brainstorm designs and sketch, eventually starting to dabble in woodcrafting.


After making a few well-received pieces, I decided to take the plunge to dedicate myself full time to designing products for my line, MAGSZILLA. Soon, my husband and I were both tinkering with wood and designing our own art. We are both completely self-taught (with help from many YouTube videos and simple trial and error). It’s fun to bounce ideas off one another and say, ‘Look what I made,’ which always leads to discussion and critique.


I describe my design style as graphic modern, while Justin’s is more natural in its aesthetic. Our two distinct styles are fused together through our common love of walnut wood, which we handpick from the lumberyard. Our best ideas trickle in after traveling, when our minds are settled from the beautiful sights and experiences: quiet strolls along the river in Kyoto, Japan, and walking down the tranquil streets of rural Germany. We immerse ourselves into the culture of the places, and both Germany and Japan are known for their attention to detail, minimalism and quality craftsmanship.


One of our most memorable moments as a brand was when a Netherlands-based styling agency reached out to us through Etsy. They wanted to use our animal wall hooks for a ZARA mini-collection lookbook. Seeing our product professionally styled, photographed, and used in a well-established international brand’s lookbook made us so proud; if it weren’t for our Etsy shop, and the strong community Etsy has established, we wouldn’t have been discovered. So what’s up next? Continuing to be creative, make awesome goods, and inspire people around us to do what they believe in.

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