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Jan 23, 2015

by Leola Revives handmade and vintage goods

Hi, I’m Kristina of Leola Revives. I specialize in finding unique antique jewelry and making it available to the Etsy community. I only list items that I would happily wear myself, and my aesthetic is reflected in all of my pieces. I currently live in Budapest, Hungary, but I’ve moved countries several times in the past, and I plan on moving again in the near future.


I love jewels that have a romantic and mystical feel, with a touch of Gothic glamor. Unique and unusual engagement rings are my all-time favorite thing to make available to my buyers; not everyone wants a modern diamond solitaire ring for their engagement, and I’m more than happy to supply fabulous and interesting alternatives. I mostly love antique jewelry from the Victorian and Edwardian eras – I’ve been a collector for over 10 years now, but my shop is relatively new. Just over a year ago, I decided it was time to make collecting more than just a hobby. I’m very happy I made that decision and took that big step, and I’m also very grateful to the Etsy community for making it possible.


I’ve lived in several different countries on both sides of the Atlantic ocean, which is reflected in my shop. My items are diverse: some are found in the old world, and some in the new. My current base is just a few hours’ drive away from Vienna, Bratislava, Zagreb, Belgrade, Krakow, Graz and many other European cities that have tons of treasures awaiting discovery. I love doing the legwork of finding these beauties; I source jewelry from anywhere and everywhere, including open air markets, antique stores, auctions and through friends. I look over thousands of pieces on a regular basis, but only the most special and interesting ones make the cut and get added to my collection.


Besides collecting and selling unique antique jewelry, I also like to re-work antique pieces such as Victorian stick pins and brooches. These can be converted into fabulous necklaces and rings, thereby giving them a new lease on life and saving them from the potential sad fate of being used for scrap gold. In my spare time, I enjoy taking metalsmithing classes and studying gems. I also enjoy reading about fashion and fashion history. I believe fashion is a reflection of our zeitgeist, and I love the recent jump in recycling and appreciating vintage.


What I love about Etsy is that it makes it so easy to connect with a community of wonderful and like-minded jewelry lovers throughout the world. Custom-sourcing specific items for buyers is another passion of mine; these people are more than just customers – they’re kindred spirits, and I love hearing their stories and helping them find the jewels of their dreams. I have a lot of goals for the future – a select few include taking a full gemology course, learning the ins and outs of wax-carving techniques, and incorporating wax-carved pieces into my shop. I want to add more original designs that would work well alongside my curated antiques to broaden the Leola Revives selection and further the brand.

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All photographs by Leola Revives.



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