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Jul 31, 2015

by Lenny Uzan handmade and vintage goods

My name is Lenny Uzan, and I’m a fashion designer based in Israel. I specialize in evening wear and wedding dresses, and my brand is called Lenny Fashion.


I started Lenny Fashion four years ago, after finishing my degree at Shenkar College. At first, I was based in Tel Aviv; then after two years, I decided to move to a small kibbutz (a community village in Israel traditionally based on agriculture) called Usha. For me, the kibbutz is an escape to a magical, authentic and peaceful place — a place where I want to grow and develop my brand, surrounded by nature.


My collections always start with a good source of inspiration, like art, dance, and observing different cultures. I love traveling and exploring; in fact, my next trip is to Vietnam. I can’t wait to see how that journey translates into my work.


After I’ve absorbed some inspiration, I create a mood board and start experimenting with new silhouettes. I choose my fabrics carefully, and I test everything out as I go to make sure my designs flatter the body. I design each item for my customers with the utmost care: my goal is to create pieces that are the most loved items in a woman’s closet.


Being on Etsy has created a new path for my business, allowing me to reach customers all over the world who appreciate what I do and inspire me every day. I’m currently in the process of reconstructing a 70-year old library to use as my new studio here in Usha. While the heart of my business will move to this new environment, my manufacturing will still take place in Tel Aviv. My future goals are to grow, reach, and excite women all over the world – to widen my urban bridal collection, and to be a part of many more smiling bride’s stories.

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