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Sep 7, 2015

by Tiffany Everett handmade and vintage goods

Hello! My name is Tiffany Everett, and I’m a children’s book illustrator, graphic designer and paper crafter. I sell printable kits, custom labels, greeting cards, and art prints in my shop, Kudzu Monster.


I studied illustration at the Savannah College of Art & Design. When I finished school, I moved to Atlanta and worked as an in-house designer for a couple of greeting card companies. I liked the work I was doing, but I quickly grew tired of commuting to work, and as much as I love the Southeast, I needed a change of pace and scenery. Last year, my husband Zac and I quit our jobs, sold most of our stuff, and moved to the gorgeous state of Colorado. Moving halfway across the country has afforded me the chance to start fresh, and I now devote almost all of my creative efforts to my shop. I spend my spare time hiking and exploring my new surroundings.


I’m always thinking about new products for Kudzu Monster – even when I’m out hiking. My process usually starts with a hand-drawn sketch; I’ll sit down with a cup of coffee and doodle quirky characters and baby animals. When I think the drawings are ready, I scan and digitize them. I always print out and test my printable kits to make sure everything fits together nicely and assembles with ease. The fun part is assembling and styling the kit for a photo shoot with Zac (he shoots all my product photography). After working on one kit for several days, I love the moment it when it all comes together for the final photograph.


My shop is constantly evolving. I find that I get bored easily, and I can’t seem to stick to one type of product. I offer a broad range of items in my shop, but my favorite products to work on right now are my instant-download printable party decor kits. As an illustrator, I really enjoy creating cute characters and brainstorming innovative ways to apply the characters to printables. While adding more instant download printable items is my main focus right now, another huge part of my business is custom design work. Kudzu Monster offers personalized mason jar labels, wine labels, BBQ sauce and hot sauce labels, gift tags, and completely custom graphic design packages. I love working with my customers to create something unique; through my Etsy shop, I’ve designed everything from soap packaging and restaurant menus to fundraising T-shirts and lip balm labels.


What’s next for Kudzu Monster? Well, in the future, I’d really like to add more instant-download products. I’m also working on creating a newsletter and blog that includes occasional freebie printables, party theme ideas, and tutorials. I’m constantly exploring the many possibilities of paper crafts to make more fun and functional products. This is what I love doing more than anything, and I don’t see myself running out of steam any time soon.

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All photos by Zac Henderson.



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