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Oct 20, 2014

by Sue Kniffin Davidson handmade and vintage goods

Hello, I’m Sue Kniffin Davidson of Kniffin Pottery. I’ve been on Etsy since 2007, and I presently work out of my studio in Seattle.


I started making pots at a summer class I took in high school. That led to a B.F.A. in ceramics from School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1997. Since then, I’ve worked out of studios in Arcata, California; Chicago; and now, Seattle.


Over the years, I’ve found that you can get a very unique look by mixing processes; most of my work is a combination of wheel-thrown, hand-built and slip-casted pieces. I also enjoy making all my own molds. There is a forgiveness in working with clay that you don’t get with other mediums. It’s fun to take a lump of clay or a jar of slip and turn it into something usable.


I like to make art that makes people laugh, smile and cringe at the same time. Why make a regular bowl if I can make one with hands holding it up? I know, I know – it’s not for everyone, but I appreciate people who do a double-take when they see my work. I think it’s great when something ordinary has a dark side, something beautiful has a bit of ugly, or something innocent has a bit of creepy. It keeps things interesting.


Etsy is a wonderful outlet for an artist like myself. It’s a great way to share my work with people who have unique taste in art. I can’t imagine having this opportunity anywhere else! I don’t know what the future holds, but hopefully as long as I can get my hands dirty it’ll be good.

All photographs by Kniffin Pottery.


3 Featured Comments

  • LennyMud

    Lenny Mud from LennyMud said 6 years ago Featured

    When I started on Etsy it was because i had seen one of your pieces and I found it sooooo inspiring. All these years later, you STILL knock my socks off with your amazing talent. There's nothing like it when skill meets quirky creativity and I think your stuff is beyond awesome. Congrats ona much deserved feature- always wanted to see the artist behind this work!!!

  • joykruse

    Joy Kruse from joykruse said 6 years ago Featured

    I own several of this artists pieces… but I purchased them at a gallery near me… The Flying Pig Gallery in Algoma Wisconsin. Truly beautiful and unique craftsmanship! Her work is so striking that others can't help but comment on it as I use her items daily. Thank you for your amazing ~ wonderful work. It's fun to have a laugh with when there is new company over for dinner! :) joy kruse

  • anvilartifacts

    anvilartifacts from anvilartifacts said 6 years ago Featured

    I am absolutely delighted with the custom order this talented artist made for me. You can't help but smile when you see her innovative work. The pictures don't fully capture the humor and charm her pieces convey. Excellent workmanship and a pleasure to work with. So glad to see her getting the recognition she deserves.


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