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Featured Shop: Katty’s Handcrafts

Nov 3, 2014

by Katty Huertas handmade and vintage goods

Hi, I’m Katty. I live in Miami with my husband and our two cats. I run Katty’s Handcrafts, where I make hand-knitted and crocheted accessories from vegan yarn (yes, I may be the only knitter in Miami!). I also spend my time painting, drawing, taking photos and doing ceramics.


My knitting addiction began with my grandmother, who used to send me beautiful knitted garments. Once, when she came to visit, she taught me the basics; I’ve been knitting ever since. Knitting makes me feel like I’m part of something larger than me – it’s a tradition that’s been around since humans began to wear clothing.


I take pride in being a detail-oriented person; even packaging is a big thing for me. One very important thing about my shop is that I don’t use animal materials. I believe deeply that animals are not ours to wear, so I use high-quality acrylic yarn in my work. Every scarf and hat is made with more than just yarn – it also has time, care and thought put into it.


I’m inspired by Mother Nature’s color combinations and textures. I find every waking moment to be truly inspiring – frankly, I wish I didn’t have to sleep. There are so many great ideas and so little time! One of the very best things about knitting is that you can do it everywhere. I’m always knitting; basically, if I am sitting, I am knitting.


For me, Etsy is about passion, art and creativity. I’m very grateful for that. My plan for the future? To keep knitting forward!

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All photographs by Katty’s Handcrafts.



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