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Featured Shop: Julia Wine

Jul 10, 2013

by Julia Wine handmade and vintage goods

My name is Julia. I live in my home country, Ukraine, with my loving husband and son. There I run Julia Wine, my shop filled with toys, jewelry, accessories, and home decor.


All of my products have parts that I make by hand, and some are entirely handmade. I always buy a limited amount of certain fabric, so almost every single one of my creations is unique. Even if I try to make two items identical, they always have some differences in the end.


Before I found out about Etsy, I was selling my creations through local stores. The income was very small, and my work was just a hobby. One day, my brother-in-law (who lives in France) gave me a link to Etsy and I decided to try it. It’s been almost two years, and every day I become more and more confident in myself. Etsy gave me an opportunity to do what I love, and my work is not just a hobby anymore.


The item that started it all was a bear house I made a few years ago (photographed above). The project began when I visited an exhibition dedicated to handmade bears. I was so inspired that I decided to try to make a bear myself, but I ended up making a whole house. It was the most time consuming and expensive piece of work I’ve ever made, and it was one of a kind. I got so carried away that I made a real clock, lamp, and night light – in addition to the mosaic tile floor and wool bears. When I was done, I gave the house to the local toy store and a little girl chose it for her birthday present. I was so happy that she liked it!


My creative business gives me a purpose in life. I do what I do because I just can’t live without it. For me it is not “work” — it’s a lifestyle. I like to get away from reality and plunge into the world of childhood, colors, and fantasies. I’m very happy that I found myself, and most importantly, I’m happy when people notice my work and it brings them joy and happiness.

All photographs by Julia Wine.

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