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Featured Shop: Jo Heckett

Nov 21, 2014

by Jo Heckett handmade and vintage goods

Hello, my name is Jo Heckett. I’m originally from the Irish countryside, but now I live in London. I make porcelain gifts, wedding favors, ornaments and magnets together with my studio manager, Kim. Many of our products can be personalized.


I like to create meaningful things that are made to last. I’m inspired by celebrations, good times and enjoyment. I like a quirky aesthetic, but I’m also drawn to classic styles, so I try to aim for a balance between the two. My inspiration can come from anywhere – I’m a bit of a magpie, really.


If you were a fly on the wall of our studio, we’d forgive you for thinking you were at a bakery. Kim and I use a technique similar to making biscuits: we roll out the finest porcelain clay into slabs and then use a selection of cookie cutters and templates to cut out the shapes. Next, we use our collection of stamps and found objects to create surface texture. After firing, glazing, and firing again, we handpaint real gold or platinum lustre and apply any transfers before firing for the third and final time. Phew!


I’ve always enjoyed making things, but the decision to start an actual business was a gradual one. It just sort of took over my life until I realized I had to commit to a studio, a kiln and a business plan. The business grew organically, and after a few years I hired Kim. She’s been working with me for five years now. Once we discovered Etsy, we began to sell our wares worldwide; we’ve become established as makers of wedding gifts, favors and decorations. Lately our Christmas ornaments have taken off, so now it’s Christmas all year ’round in our little studio.


Both selling and buying on Etsy are such pleasures. I love that our customers appreciate handmade goods, and I equally love the quirky things I find on Etsy every day! It’s an amazing window into the international handmade world. In the future, I’d love the chance to explore other materials and techniques. I’d also like to be the go-to place for gorgeous Christmas ornaments and personalized wedding decorations.

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All photographs by Jo Heckett.



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