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Featured Shop: I Love Mona

Aug 16, 2013

by Moriah Hemed handmade and vintage goods

My name is Moriah Hemed, and my nickname is Mona. I live in Tel-Aviv, Israel, where I design women’s clothing for my Etsy shop, I Love Mona. I also share a little store with a jeweler in the center of town, right by the fabric district.


I Love Mona is for young women and women who are young at heart. I love creating my own fun and colorful world through my designs — they offer a wink to the past while still remaining modern. Pleats, unusual buttons, and collars are just a few of the things I like to add to my designs. My customer appreciates color and detail, and isn’t afraid of turning heads with her clothing. I try to make timeless pieces that will last for years and always look up-to-date and special.


My process starts with an idea or concept, which grows into a story and eventually translates to a collection. I pick fabrics to complete that story, and after the clothes are ready I create the final chapter: the exciting catalog photo shoot.


It is important that my customers are happy with what they buy, which sometimes means making a few alterations here and there. I love a good challenge, so I also welcome custom orders that let me step out of my conceptual box and be even more creative.


My business is my dream come true: it’s what I want to do when I grow up! When I started designing, I never thought I would become the businesswoman I am today – I thought I would make a few pretty dresses and that would be it. Etsy gives me the opportunity to dress ladies from all around the world. I can’t even start to explain the excitement that comes with knowing there are girls in far away countries wearing something I made.


I feel I have evolved so much as both a designer and a business owner. I love my customers, and I feel like I’m able to reinvent myself each season. I am finally doing what I love, and am always looking for the next project inspired by my day-to-day life.

Studio and maker photos by Nir Hemed, product photographs by Yifat Vercik.

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