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Oct 15, 2014

by Kristin Hurd handmade and vintage goods

Hello, we are Kristin and Samuel “Honey” Hurd. We design and handcraft furniture and housewares for our brand Hurd and Honey in Plano, Texas.


Our story begins with our wedding on October 1, 2011. Etta James serenaded us through our first dance as husband and wife – a small-town Kansas maker and a Los Angeles city dreamer, united as one. We had discussed starting a business prior to getting married, but at the time it was solely a dream. Samuel was frustrated with his corporate position and I was a zealous elementary school teacher, but we both desired a lifestyle that would allow our free spirits to flourish.


That December, Sam quit his job and began transforming our garage into a woodshop. There, he made his first piece: a bookshelf for my overflowing book collection. Together, we began crafting mason jar soap dispensers and navigating the world of Etsy. We joined teams, made countless treasuries, and developed pleasant friendships. The Etsy Blog was our main source for learning about marketing and social media. Around this time, we began to visualize who we wanted to become as a brand.


We believe the home should be a sanctuary – a place of beauty, inspiration and peace. A home should be welcoming, and the pieces in it, significant. When we design our products, we consider what elements improve a space: texture, color, style, pattern. Our style continually evolves, and we are inspired and intrigued daily. Our biggest inspiration comes from the beautiful places we’ve traveled and the pieces we’ve inherited from family: vintage typewriters, saguaro cacti, mid-century furniture, sandstone hikes, grandfather’s paintings, desert sunsets, and most certainly, Pinterest.


Each new design starts as a prototype in our woodshop. We use weathered wood that we find locally; the wood has beautiful imperfections that promise each piece will be unique in character. Once we have a prototype, we style, photograph, and list it for purchase. Using social media – especially Instagram – we are able to gauge how a new product will connect with buyers and designers.


With my husband’s encouragement, I took leave from my teaching position in 2013. Our sales on Etsy provide our income, as well as the funds to continue improving our brand. Sam and I started Hurd and Honey without formal training in woodworking, photography, marketing or design. The journey has been testing, but we know that this is where we’ve been called to grow. We feel fully alive in our business, and we’re forever thankful to Etsy for providing a platform to make it possible.

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All photographs by Hurd and Honey.



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