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Featured Shop: Heartworks by Lori

Apr 26, 2013

by Heartworks by Lori handmade and vintage goods

I’m Lori Patton, the locketeer and “heart” behind Heartworks by Lori. My passion and joy is to create photo lockets and wearable dreams. I live in Valencia, California, with my sweet husband, three young sons, and one playful yellow Labrador Retriever.


I discovered my love for making things by hand back in junior high. While all of my girlfriends were learning how to bake with Betty Crocker in home economics class, I was taking a plastics and woodshop class (I loved being the only girl!). What I remember most was being smitten with the entire creation process – and seeing the expression on my mom’s face when I gave her something I made was indescribable. I knew, even then, that I’m happiest when my hands are busy creating gifts for others.


I’m privileged to be able to collaborate with the most talented artists and photographers in the world here on Etsy, and our partnership means everything to me. My process starts with choosing images from my collaborators’ vast collections. Next, tiny pint-sized prints are made according to each locket’s dimension, and are carefully cut out and mounted onto the locket’s frame. I seal and capture each image with an epoxy resin coating that requires a lengthy drying process to ensure a brilliant shine and protective finish. Once the lockets are done, I wrap each treasure to wow the recipient.


I’m extremely detail-oriented, and I pay careful and thoughtful attention to keeping the production of my work excellent. All of the lockets I use are proudly produced in the USA by family-owned businesses. This commitment to quality allows me to provide top-notch jewelry that meets the needs of my clients and offers them family keepsakes for generations to come.


I believe that lockets represent the deepest part of the human self: they show on the outside what you want people to see, but inside, there’s a secret message. What you wear is a reflection of who you are, and whether it’s an image of a rainy day, a hot air balloon, an enchanted forest, or even a solitary tree, my lockets elicit an emotional and imaginative response. People long for a way to express themselves, and I believe that art jewelry can give them that special freedom of expression.


Etsy is a wonderful platform for me to connect with buyers from around the globe in a meaningful, personal way. You just can’t find that anywhere else, and it’s so incredibly special. Etsy has also provided the exposure and support that allows me to run my small business with confidence and joy, knowing it’s powered by the people, for the people.


What’s unique about my business is what is unique about every small business on Etsy: each individual approaches their work with a multitude of talents, abilities, and convictions that allows their personal expression to shine through. Who we are as artists ultimately defines who we are as business owners.

Maker and studio photographs by Suzy VanDyke. Product photos by Heartworks by Lori.

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