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Featured Shop: Harvest Haversack

Mar 27, 2013

by katiegeppert handmade and vintage goods

Hi! I’m Katie, and I am the proud owner of Harvest Haversack, a homewares brand with an environmentally responsible conscience. I create unique, quality, handmade eco-friendly kitchen accessories. I live in a beautiful art-deco apartment overlooking a large park in Melbourne, Australia.

After my mum passed away, I found myself reflecting upon my life, yet also looking to the future more than ever before. I made a conscious decision to re-prioritize and focus on the things most important to me, and let go of the things that were not. I trusted my instincts and resigned from my job as a graphic designer. The majority of our life is spent working, so shouldn’t we be working on something we love? It was a risk, but I felt optimistic and capable of anything.

Around that time, I also became increasingly aware of climate change, and the impact it will have on future generations. My mission became living an environmentally responsible lifestyle. As a result, I created Harvest Haversacks to help me minimize my environmental footprint, and also give purpose to my new-found freedom.

My range of durable, reusable bags are handmade using all-natural, sustainable, lightweight fabric. They eliminate the need to use plastic or paper bags at the supermarket, farmers market or your local green grocer. They can also be used to store fresh produce in your fridge or pantry. The certified organic cotton and hemp blend fibers protect food from harsh, damaging light and allow appropriate air flow. They also retain moisture, keeping produce fresher longer and minimizing waste.

Every purchasing decision implies some moral choice. Empowering consumers allows them to make ethically informed consumption choices and favor certain products, be they fair-trade, cruelty-free, organic, recycled, reused, or locally-produced. By simply reducing the amount of plastic packaging and buying organic locally grown fresh produce where possible, we’re helping reduce emissions.

Etsy has been a constant source of inspiration and support. I was able to start a small business, and gauge customer reactions to my brand new products with no experience and minimal up-front costs. I fumbled my way through the beginning, but once my shop found its niche, Etsy opened the door to a global marketplace, exposing my products to people all around the world.

Within one year, I went from creating designs for other people, with little creative control or responsibility, to being self employed with new skills and confidence, living by my own rules and standards. I’ve worked extremely hard. By creating unique, quality products that can help make a difference, it’s easy to be proud, stand out and make people take note.

Maker photo by Christian Were, all others by Harvest Haversack.

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