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Aug 30, 2013

by Peter Pracilio handmade and vintage goods

My name is Peter Pracilio. I’m a part-time product design professor, and a full-time pet product designer and maker. I run a small design studio called GO!PETDESIGN here in Brooklyn, along with my girlfriend Leonora (also known as my “wire-rolling master”) and our three small dogs.


While studying industrial design at Brooklyn’s Pratt Institute, I found myself making my first dog crate for my rescued miniature pincher who needed his own digs. I was shocked to find nothing on the market that wasn’t jail-like or completely obtrusive. I designed the first eiCrate Modern Pet Home out of necessity. With two more dogs now in the pack, I have further connected my love of animals with the work I create through GO!PETDESIGN.


Reinterpreting traditional, ubiquitous items like wall hooks and dog crates, and infusing materials and formal aesthetics is a challenge that thrills and inspires me. I see industrial design as both an art form and tool, and I enjoy being not only the designer but also the maker. It allows me to learn to speak a vocabulary that only can be gleaned through losing myself in the process, craft, or material in hand.


What makes our products different are the combination of fundamental design principles aligned with quality materials and a sustainable business model. We appreciate working directly with our clients the most. Being a multi-disiplanary design studio has allowed me to take on custom projects, including product designs currently on the market for other labels, and awesome one-off custom works for collectors. Not to mention that we have three of the best product testers on the planet: our dogs!


Selling on Etsy has enriched my love of craft. The vital support from Etsians, mindful pet owners, and independent shops worldwide continually inspires me to keep dreaming. It provides an invaluable place to share these dreams, and connect with like-minded people.


To me, craftsmanship is about showing the utmost respect for one’s craft, and having an understanding of process and material that can only come through time and failures. Authorship is something different – it’s having the curiosity or cojones to make it your own.

All photographs by GO!PETDESIGN.

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